What Is Aegis Bastion International Holdings?

Aegis Bastion International Holdings ("ABIH") is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Western New York.  In February 2011, ABIH started out as a venture capital investment desk focused on long-term investments in strategic financial markets, with a specific niche in commodities.  The company is founded and lead by Aaron Bosse, who serves as chief executive officer and chairman of the board.  ABIH now owns a diverse range of subsidiary businesses operating in the industries of real estate, investments, insurance, capital markets, photography, technology, consulting, agriculture, e-commerce, hospitality, and manufacturing.


Community Interaction

An entrepreneurial think tank

“Aegis Bastion provides a variety services to the community. We conduct proprietary research and analysis for local and macroeconomic environments. Areas of interest include the WNY STAMP project, value investments, capital markets and business operation. Aegis Bastion represents a harbor for entrepreneurial business ideas and ventures. We welcome and encourage cooperation with all types of sources and share ideas that help accomplish mutual goals and visions.”


Mission Statement

“The place or system in which the power to protect, control, or support someone or something continues to thrive.”