The collective experience that we have at ABIH is dynamic and exciting. By pooling all of our resources and team's abilities together, you have a formula for creative problem solving and entrepreneurial innovation.


Real Estate

ABIH has history in real estate that has allowed the company to successfully maneuver and dominate in the investing world. We have years of experience and tools that allow us to quickly analyze a property, make a decision, and close our deals. To accomplish this, you must be well versed in the financing of a deal, the condition of a property, market key demographics, and many more aspects. Our team is the best when it comes to quickly determining a deal or no deal decision.



The team at ABIH has a very long history of working with all varieties of computer technology since becoming mainstream in the 1990s. Our expertise covers knowing the fundamental processes and functions of computer hardware and software, in addition to knowledge on quality control when working with suppliers and their products. ABIH has been building custom computers for clients for over 10 years.



ABIH is well known for embracing the wave of the 3D virtual experience for residential real estate. We deliver exclusive, high-quality property virtual tours. This technology allows you to go back and explore the home as many times as you’d like! Landlords and real estate agents agree that virtual tours are going to be the next wave of innovation in real estate.


Financial Literacy

For over 15 years, ABIH has been actively trading and protecting assets and positions. Our leadership has exceptional knowledge and tact when making financial decisions, whether it be evaluating a trade, or mitigating economic risk. This division is responsible for the foundation of the company's balance sheet as a whole.