At Aegis Bastion, we believe technology is not just something you purchase, it is something which transforms your vision into reality. We are committed to providing the finest design, engineering, and production of custom high-performance computer systems. Our systems don’t have model A, B, or C. In fact, almost no two PC’s we build are identical. Each of our clients has their own idea of a dream machine which we custom build. Aegis Bastion will meticulously craft a high-performance system that will exceed your expectations. With the unrivaled build quality implemented into every system by Aegis Bastion’s highly trained integrators, you are assured of receiving a machine of the absolute finest quality.



There are no assembly lines at Aegis Bastion. We build our systems by hand. For us, it's just the way we’ve always done it. One integrator will build one system, specifically for one client. We understand how important it can be to make your PC stand out from the rest. At Aegis Bastion, we offer one of the largest arrays of some of the most robust and reliable components, customization options, and services on the market.


Top Tier Components

Aegis Bastion only uses the most reliable, high-quality components to build our systems. Every component is checked then rechecked to ensure system integrity. Afterward, each computer is tested for a full 96 hours in two separate procedures to certify system excellence. Aegis Bastion’s state-of-the-art testing facility ensures that your system will perform to our standards.



Total customer satisfaction is our goal. We view every customer as a customer for life. You will receive expert service and professional advice from the moment we answer your call or email. Our highly trained technicians are ready and eager to help you with any problems that may arise. Your complete and total satisfaction is our number one priority.



ABIH provides analysis, advice, and solutions for organizations that need to develop or improve their communication, data, or software and hardware systems. We also provide training for current employees. Our solutions vary by industry and specialty but generally include performance assessments of a business' existing systems, strategic planning, and implementation of the new system or process.