ABIH has developed its own in-house proprietary Real Estate Investing application that is available to purchase for Real Estate Investors, ranging from beginner to pro.


Welcome, ALL Real Estate Investors!

This is a State of the Art Microsoft Excel spreadsheet designed to give you the cutting edge in on-demand information when you need it most!  This 9 sheet document is designed to save you time and money while searching through hundreds of MLS listings!  It is intended to be a tool used in conjunction with your searches which will streamline your ability to identify a DEAL and get on the phone quickly to beat out the competition!


With this product, you will be able to calculate the following in SECONDS:


  • Identify "WEDGE" Opportunities
  • Calculate Rental Revenue
  • Account For Vacancy Losses
  • Track Property Expenses According To IRS Schedule E Constructs
  • Calculate Monthly Mortgage Payments Including;
  • Principal (P)
  • Interest (I)
  • Taxes (T)
  • Insurance (I)
  • Even Property Mortgage Insurance (PMI), if applicable
  • Full Amortization Schedule Up To 30 Years
  • Tax Shelter Calculations Including:
    • Mortgage Interest Deductions
    • Property Tax Deduction
    • Depreciable Basis
    • See Into The Future With 5 & 30 Year Performance Value Indexes
  • Important Calculations For The Bank Financing Including:
    • Net Operating Income (NOI)
    • Capitalization Rate (CAP)
    • Cash On Cash (COC)
    • Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR)
    • Loan To Value Ratio (LTV)
    • Operating Expense Ratio (OER)
    • Break-Even Ratio (BER)
    • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
    • Annual Pre-Tax Cash-Flow (APTCF)
    • Property Valuations Using YOUR Desired Cap Rate
    • After Repair Value Calculations
    • Repair Or Replace Future Value Calculations
    • Principal Pay Down (Equity Build-Up)
    • Property Appreciation


Give yourself the tools to effortlessly browse through listings and identify if you have a "Deal or No Deal!" 

Primarily, this product is designed for residential property analysis.  This is my personal real estate investing tool that I utilize every day.  With this, I have been able to sort through hundreds of listings in an hour and am immediately able to determine if a property is a 'deal' or 'no deal'.  This tool has given me an edge and I wanted to provide the opportunity to share it with my fellow investors.

When you click the buy now button below your instant download will begin.  It will come as a raw Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx) spreadsheet that can be used on all current versions, down to Excel 2007.  The package will also include several other .pdf files that will cover terminology, formulas, and how to use the calculator.


Kindest Regards,