Atlas Marketing & Consulting ("Atlas") is a leadership driven, results & performance-based sales organization. We aim to become the finest and most respected direct & outsourced sales marketing and business consulting provider. We believe the work we do adds meaning and purpose to our lives by fulfilling our obligations, serving others, building trust and achieving winning sales results.



Sales are the most crucial number that drive revenue. It is the frequency and volume of sales that determine a company’s rate of growth and success. To keep a strong sales record, you need a few key factors: a skilled team, market knowledge, and a creative and unique perspective. We offer you a chance to make the best out of your business potential. Increase your sales rate and experience a rise in yearly revenue.

Our Approach

Atlas Martketing & Consulting is a prominent name in the outsourced sales industry. We represent some of the world’s biggest brands in the energy, technology, and communication industries. We are results-oriented, driven, and aim to impact our clients’ sales numbers in a massive way.

Our direct approach to generating business for our clients has allowed us to experience continuous success. Our approach is simple. We focus all our efforts on a face-to-face relationship-based marketing approach. This allows us to provide measurable results and penetrate our clients’ target markets more effectively. Our presentations are always in person, allowing us to demonstrate the benefits of our clients’ products and services. This, in turn, sparks new sales and reorders, and leads to long-term customer retention.

A company’s biggest obstacle is the fierce competition constantly developing in the marketplace around them. Aggressive sales campaigns such as concentrated telemarketing and direct mail programs are ways of the past. These strategies have failed to produce consistent results in today’s sales atmosphere. At Atlas, we rethink existing marketing strategies and innovate new ways to acquire and retain customers. We are successful in exceeding our clients’ sales goals by creating a culture of opportunity within a team-oriented, positive and nurturing environment. This makes a win-win situation for our clients and employees alike.

Save Money By Outsourcing Your Consulting Services

As your company grows, you need more and more specialized employees – and they are not cheap. Hiring an accountant, for example, is often incredibly expensive, especially if you get a CPA who works for you full-time. Add to that the staff needed to run marketing campaigns, operate Quickbooks, oversee logistics planning, and manage other day-to-day operations, and your costs skyrocket.

Atlas Business Consulting can handle all of these tasks and much more, as a contractor. You pay for the business services you need – when you need them. No more worrying about sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and paying full-time employees who you may not need in the future.

We are proud to offer consulting services to small-to-medium-sized businesses. This reduces your costs dramatically, and helps you stay competitive with larger firms!


End To End Business Consulting Services

At Atlas Business Consulting, we can help you through every step of building, running, and operating a business. From new business startup and development, to website design and marketing management, and even advanced logistics planning and bookkeeping / accounting / tax preparation help, we do it all.

Business Plan Creation

A strong business plan makes a world of difference to a small business. Your business plan lays out your strategy for profitability, for acquiring customers, recruiting employees, and operating on a day-to-day level. If you have an outdated business plan – or worse, no business plan – your company may be struggling. At Atlas, we specialize in creating customized, easy-to-implement business plans. We can help guide you towards profitability, and ensure that you’re on the right track for success.

Process Improvement and Mapping

Even tiny optimizations in your business processes can save you quite a bit of money. For example, if you run a plumbing business and streamline the process of appointment booking, you may be able to squeeze more customers into a single workday – maximizing profitability! Atlas will take a deep dive, and examine all of your current business processes. We will map these processes, and then see where improvements can be made. In turn, this helps minimize wasted time and energy, and save you valuable time in your business.

Business Decision Consultation

If you are about to make a big business decision – such as expanding to a new location, changing your organizational structure, or buying a competitor – you shouldn’t go it alone. Atlas can help you with consultations during every major business decision. We’ll look at your potential decision from every angle, and analyze every variable to ensure that you make the choice that’s best for you – and your business.

Marketing Plan and Material Creation

If you need marketing consultation services, we can help. From online search engine marketing, to social media marketing, physical collateral like business cards and signs, and more, we’re here for you. With our deep demographic targeting strategies and informed marketing optimization plans, we don’t just help you create fantastic marketing materials – we ensure that they target the right audience to bring in maximum return-on-investment.

Recruiting and Employee Management

The most valuable asset of your business is your employees. That means you need to invest in finding the right people for your company. Atlas can help you recruit and manage employees, ensuring that you partner only with high-value employees who will help your business grow in the future.


Business Startup Services

We offer customizable business startup services to all of our clients. Here’s a short list of the services that we offer!

Setting up Legal Structure

Whether you’re interested in an LLC, cooperative, sole proprietorship, C or S corporation, or partnership, we can help you understand the pros – and cons – of each business, and choose the right legal structure.

Create Articles of Incorporation

To begin operating as a business, you will need to compile and file articles of incorporation to legally create it. We can help with the creation of these documents.

Taxation and Business Name Registration

From obtaining an EIN and registering with the IRS, to registering your business name and trademarks with relevant authorities, we can handle every step of the process.

Business Permit and Licensing Acquisition 

If you need a license or permit to begin your business, SBC can help. We are familiar with the process of permitting and licensing, and can help you fill out and file the relevant paperwork quickly!

Bookkeeping Setup and Training 

Accounting and proper bookkeeping are essential for your new business. Using QuickBooks, we can train you or an employee on modern bookkeeping systems, or even take over accounting for you on a contract basis!

Business Plan Ideation and Creation 

Before you start your business, it’s important to have a business plan in place. This plan will help you track your company’s progress, and ensure that you are building a profitable business.

Creation of Business Processes 

Streamlined business processes are critical for building an effective business. From customer acquisition to delivery of services, we can build processes that maximize customer retention and satisfaction, and minimize inefficiencies.

Identification of Business Needs

Every business has different needs for employees, growth, profitability, and more. We can define these needs based on your unique business, and ensure that you have a plan in place to grow.

Marketing Material Creation 

From business cards to signage, print ads and brochures, and even online search engine marketing, we can aid you throughout every step of the marketing and advertising process.

Website Development and Email Management 

Our team of web developers can create a new website for you, or modernize your existing online presence. In addition, we can set up email addresses for you and any employees of your business.



Perform Gap Analysis

The first step in making improvements is understanding where your organization stands in comparison to where it wants to be. Performing a gap analysis will capture the state of practice within your organization, and provide the basis for targeted improvements that provide the greatest payback to your organization. Atlas consultants talk to your company’s resources to get to know you and your business. We learn about the problems you are facing and what you are looking to achieve. We take the time to understand your requirements and ask questions, so we can be sure to understand and help guide your improvement efforts efficiently and intelligently.

Establish Process Improvement Group

Understanding the gaps in your current process environment is an important step; however, creating a focus group is essential to focus the effort and drive change. Atlas can help you set up a Process Improvement Group that will make concrete plans to implement needed changes. The Process Improvement Group will identify and prioritize specific improvement projects, monitor progress, keep stakeholders informed and engaged, and assist with the successful roll out of the processes.

Collect and Review Objective Evidence

Performing a gap analysis, or credentialing an audit/compliance review that provides credible and accurate results, requires collecting and reviewing the processes and work products used and produced by your organization. Atlas consultants have performed hundreds of collection and analysis efforts and have created an easy-to-use tool to capture the documents required to satisfy model requirements. We don’t reinvent the wheel, but rather endeavor to use the artifacts you have and make changes to align with industry best practices.

Train on Updated Processes

Atlas has process training for the full range of process areas for the major models, including ISO 9001, CMMI DEV and CMMI SVC levels 3-5, and SharePoint. We can easily tailor our training to reflect your organization’s training needs, so that your staff can utilize the processes and help you stay compliant with your processes!

Conduct Internal Audits

Atlas believes in the idea that an organization can’t improve what they don’t measure. Internal audits, which can be conducted during gap analysis or as part of a third-party audit/assessment, provide the information to target gaps and identify specific remediation. Atlas can help you set up an internal audit schedule, train your people on how to conduct audits, and assist third party auditors who will review your organizations process environment as part of obtaining an ISO or CMMI credentials.

Prepare Audit Assessments

Atlas provides an intuitive and easy-to-use tool to efficiently organize the process documents and project documentation needed for the auditors/assessors. We help our customers prepare to work with assessment consultants and to confidently participate in audit/assessment interviews; this ensures a successful outcome and potentially saves the organization thousands of dollars remediating noncompliance findings and re-assessments.

Lessons Learned & Maintenance

Atlas understands that your organization’s investment, as well as the return on that investment, require a commitment to capturing and improving from the organization’s lessons learned. Formally capturing and sharing lessons learned helps everyone in the organization benefit from identifying which approaches should be repeated and which should be avoided. Knowing what to repeat is as important as knowing what to avoid. Atlas can help your organization set up a lessoned learned database and facilitate sessions.


Atlas Marketing & Consulting Does It Differently

The Atlas Team brings decades of symbiotic skills and education to the table, enabling us to provide the dynamic, tailored services that benefit our clients. We are flexible, energetic, and friendly; we work to build enduring relationships that are only possible with successful and measurable outcomes.

How We Help

Qualitative Market Research

Why You Should Care About Qualitative Market Research?

There’s no denying that market research is an essential thing to do before you spend money on any form of marketing. Some of the tasks you’ll need to carry out for the promotion of a product, service, or brand will include:

  • Curating an effective marketing plan;
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats;
  • Fine-tuning products or services to better suit the needs of your target market.

Qualitative market research makes sense for businesses that want to promote their brands and what they sell. It enables companies to gain valuable insight into the things they want to sell and especially the target market.

When it comes to creating a marketing plan and performing a SWOT analysis, qualitative market research allows you to do that and more. It lets you create a marketing plan that packs a punch without wasting your efforts or blowing your marketing budget.

Atlas provides a range of qualitative research services that provide unstructured or non-quantifiable feedback by getting inside the minds of your customers or clients. Methodologies include focus groups, in-depth interviews, secondary research, etc.

Quantitative Market Research

How is Quantitative Market Research Relevant?

There’s no denying that knowledge is power in the business world. It’s one thing to develop products and services that you think will best meet the needs of your customers. But, it’s another to know what those consumers like and hate about the things you sell.

You already know that quantitative market research helps you to identify the positive and negative aspects of the things you sell. And, it gives you an insight into what you could do to make things better. But why is that information so crucial to your business?

If your firm sells products and services that are mediocre at best, your target audience is more likely to buy from competitors that have better offerings. You’ll be looking at the things you sell from a retailer or distributor’s point of view.

However, you need to look at the products and services you sell from a consumer’s point of view. That’s because they are the people that will ultimately make or break your business. Quantitative market research is a vital part of any marketing strategy.

You may already have carried out qualitative market research. That is where you learn more about the thought processes and feelings your consumers have when buying products and services such as the ones you sell.

The thing is, you need to find out specific facts and statistics alongside qualitative market research. Both qualitative and quantitative market research complement each other. But you shouldn’t rely solely on one or the other.

Quantitative market research is a form of social researching where you construct questionnaires and scales. Your business can get then analyze that data better to understand the problems and needs of your target audience.

When you use quantitative market research, you can ask specific questions and receive accurate answers. For example, one question might be ‘how many times a year do you buy <the type of product or service that you sell>?’.

You can then provide a scale where each respondent can select their answer, such as:

  • Once a year;
  • Twice a year;
  • Three to five times each year;
  • More than five times each year.

Some of the questions you can ask your target audience can be about specific aspects of the products and services you sell, how much they would prefer to spend, and so on.

With all that in mind, why else should quantitative market research be a significant part of your marketing plans? Here are some of the top reasons:

  • You can learn more about the size of your target market;
  • You can capture customer behavior;
  • You’ll learn the specific reasons people might want to repurchase items in the future.

If you need to get data directly from your target audience, this is where quantitative research comes in. Atlas can help get specific facts and statistics based on primary and/or secondary work. Methodologies include using phone surveys, online surveys, studying industry articles and databases, etc.



Comprehensive Business Analysis Support Services to Enhance Operations

Business analysis fulfill several crucial roles in the development process. Such as helping to identify the problem, reviewing your competitors’ efforts, and analyzing the market in which you operate. Business analysts also record the entire process and create a formal specification detailing the needs of your company. A document that the developer will use as a blueprint for the concept creation.

That’s not all business analysts do, though. In fact, perhaps their most crucial role is the bridge they provide between your business and those that are developing your base. A function that ensures effective communication steers the project to meet the specific goals of your business and ensures maximum efficiency of the process and the end results.

Grasp the Issues at Hand

Being an effective business analyst isn’t easy. In fact, there are many facets to the role that all must be completed correctly. The first of these is gaining specific insight into the needs of your business. Of course, this is vital information that is used to inform any software and application development choices that your business will make.

Take a Look at What Others in Your Field Are Doing

Next, a critical part of the business analyst consulting process is making sure that the actions of your competitors are taken into consideration. In fact, intelligence from competitors that business analyst consultants collect can be used in two critical ways. The first is that it can inform what the trends in your market are, as a whole. While the second is that it can be used to specific counter-strategies that will give your company the edge in that market.

Analyzing the Market You Are In

Your target market matters. In fact, if you don’t have a firm grasp on who your products and marketing are designed to appeal to, you can end up wasting a lot of valuable time and resources.

That is why business consultants use market research techniques to look at the market, you must appeal to, to succeed, as well as what your share of the market is. In fact, it is this information that can be leveraged to ensure you identify your software requirements and stay relevant in your chosen market.

Requirements Analysis and Documentation

Business consultants are adept at completing this complex and sometimes laborious process. While also integrating not only your business’s needs but communicating these to the developers in the clearest way possible. Something that ensures you get the most effective and efficient product at the end of the process.

Coming Up with a Customized Solution

The next stage that business analysis consultants will facilitate is devising the best software solution to the issue as it presents itself. This is when business consultants’ communication skills really come into their own.

In fact, this stage is all about interaction between the developer and the business consultant to make sure that the project meets explicitly the requirements laid out in the specification. Something that requires your business consultant to repeatedly communicate with the development team as the project progresses.


Testing and Implementing the Solution

The final stage involving the business consultant is when the software solution concept has been given the go-ahead by the client, and the development team moves into coding and testing the models. During this step, the consultant must make sure that the outcome of the project outcome aligns with the clients’ specifications and goals.

Why Outsource Your Business Analysis Requirements?

The information above illustrates that a business analyst’s role is a vital but challenging one. In fact, not all businesses have someone in-house that can provide clear documentation and analysis, as well as effectively communicate with all parties. The good news is outsourcing may be the solution you are looking for.

In fact, often, the objectivity of an outsourced analyst will provide a much clearer overview of the specific challenges your company faces. Therefore, if you are looking to enhance your operations or improve your processes and technologies, using an outsourced analyst is often the smartest way to go.

To best meet our clients’ budget and objectives, we offer customized solutions.

  1. Identifying Business Needs
  2. Articulating Problem Statement
  3. Identifying Technology Solutions
  4. Communicating With Internal & External Stakeholders
  5. Developing Business Requirement Document
  6. Gap Analysis
  7. Data Analysis
  8. Use Case Diagrams & Test Scripts
  9. IT & Stakeholder Liaison
  10. Company & Department Org Chart Consulting
  11. Strategic Research & Recommendations


Atlas consultants have a track record of providing meaningful Business Analysis to clients that don’t have this skill set in house or need to supplement portions with what their teams are capable of handling. Atlas business analysts develop technical solutions to business problems by monitoring internal and external processes and compiling business requirements, use cases, test diagrams, and more



Data analysis is the practice of modeling and transforming the data to extract information. This information then acts as a foundation for business decision making. On the other hand, data visualization is the technique in which graphs, charts, tables, and other visualization tools are used to present the information graphically. This graphical interpretation of data helps in understanding trends and patterns for various reasons.

Let it be any domain such as revenue, cost, customers or product lines, effective data analysis and visualization can provide you a beautiful, easy to understand representation of your business’ success in these areas. This representation can further aid you in not just understanding but also in making prominent decisions to ensure continual growth and success of your organization. Let’s see some of the benefits that you can get by incorporating data analysis and visualization into your business.

Time Effective

Visualization has been a proven way for a faster interpretation of data. By using data analysis and visualization, you will be able to understand revenues, customer analysis, and many other activities in just a few minutes as compared to the hours spent in deducing the results from long sheets. Moreover, with advanced tools and practices such as machine learning, you can create the perfect visualization of your data without any extra efforts.

Better Understanding

Data visualization is commonly done using graphical representation such as charts and tables. These graphical tools allow to you have an in-depth understanding area being represented by them. It also allows you to see a connection between business performance and operating conditions.

Sales Prediction

By analyzing the previous records and the current data, data visualization can help you predict sales figures. It lets you identify which products are underperforming and which products are drawing maximum revenue for the company. This information can be extremely useful in identifying which areas a company should focus on, in order to gain maximum profits.


The customizability of the results from data analysis and visualization has always been overlooked by most organizations, but, it is one of the most powerful features. By customizing your graphical representation, you can omit the useless or already analyzed data and focus more on a certain area. This will allow you a greater insight into your performance and records.

These are just a few benefits in a long list. Data analysis and visualization have the potential to revolutionize the way your business operates. Practices such as machine learning used for data visualization, are like a mind dedicated solely to analyze your areas of improvement and allow you to thrive beyond your limits. They provide direct interaction with data providing you the ability to make effective business decisions.



Media plays a crucial role in defining the extent of a brand’s popularity. So, how do you stay notified about the comments, reviews, discussions, and perceptions of your brand? The answer is media and industry analysis. Media analysis, more commonly known as media monitoring, is the practice that involves gathering every piece of information about your organization and then analyzing it to understand your brand awareness.

This information may exist in the form of online news, blogs, articles, reviews, newspapers and magazines, broadcasts, and social media. Collecting this information from various platforms and analyzing it to understand the depth of your brand’s presence, is the core functioning of media monitoring. To further understand the need for media and industry analysis, let’s look at the top reasons why you need to perform this process.

Brand Reputation

With effective media and industry analysis, you can understand the current reputation of your brand. By assessing the current situation, you will be able to take the necessary steps to ensure that your brand reputation is optimum. This will play a crucial role in defining the success and growth of your business as a good reputation will lead to higher client retention and more promising leads.

Understand your Clients

By monitoring the media activity involving your brand, you will be able to analyze your client satisfaction. Keeping an eye on articles, blogs, and reviews, you will be able to understand their experience and expectation. It will further allow you to identify the areas of improvement to get better customer satisfaction.

Risk Analysis

Monitoring the media activity of your business and all the organizations that have an impact on your business will allow you to prepare for any potential future risk. For instance, if you analyze the twitter activity of any of your key partners, you can be informed about their future plans well in advance, and you can be prepared for any sudden announcements.


With media and industry analysis, you will be able to stay updated about the latest developments in your domain. You can keep tabs on the activities of your competitors and stay ahead of them.



Analyzing the success of your marketing and campaigns

Marketing has always been the best practice for brand awareness. But marketing alone will not give you the success you need. After every marketing and campaign event, you should do proper media analysis to identify the impact of those events. This will allow you to recognize your areas of improvement and give you further insight into the audience through their response.

Media and industry analysis is a practice that every business should follow. The growth of a business and its popularity are directly proportional to each other. Therefore, ensuring a positive media presence for your business has become a necessity. Eventually, the popularity and awareness from this presence lead to greater horizons of success, which is why you should indulge in regular media monitoring and industry analysis.

Because of our third-party resources, Atlas is able to access specific information relating to particular companies and/or industries. This often provides executives valuable knowledge and time-savings, by giving them real time news and data.

If you need to procure new technology for your business, or if you need to develop custom software applications, Atlas can help manage the process of research, negotiation, project management, vendor selection, and more.