The Gaia Society


The Story

In a small town tucked quietly away in Western New York a brother and sister teamed up to put their background and expertise together to catalyze the relationship between local farmers, artisans and the community together in a new and exiting way! 

The Gaia Society is the realized dream of brining permaculture practices into the main stream traditional operations of the restaurant and hospitality industries as we know them today.

Operationally The Gaia Society integrates local agriculture community and consumers in a way that creates a business system built on fair and sustainable business and agricultural practices.

Virtually every aspect of this operation has been carefully planned out with strict adherence to sustainable ecological practices while strengthening local economies all together.


The Vision

The Gaia Society from the very beginnings focused on supporting local farmers efforts to get more of their goods to market. The Gaia Society focuses on farmers as the backbone and producers of the products used in the commercial operations of the business. 

Produce from local farmers makes its way to customers in a fun an exciting way. The Gaia Society is about making sustainable healthy agricultural practices fun and with a twist. 

The Gaia Society boasts over 400 heathy juice cocktail options with and without spirits. The founders had a keen eye for world renowned Bloody Mary recipes and are passionate about bring all of that experience to patrons! On top being a world class juice bar food menu options are also carefully crafted providing WNY hearty and healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Featuring daily gluten free, paleo, keto, or vegan options made with all natural, whole food, that’s always nutritious and sourced from local farmers.


The Motto

“Bought locally, consumed locally.”

100% of the waste produced from commercial operations is then re-purposed in the backend operations where all biological matter and waste is utilized. What comes from the Earth goes back to the earth in a perfect balance.

The Gaia Society is an intelligent approach to business ethics, land management with a philosophy that mirrors what is observed in flourishing natural ecosystems. This project includes a set of design principles using a “whole systems thinking” approach with an emphasis on regenerative agriculture and the local community at large.